Contract with WCA, LLC to add employees to your staff that will assist you in determining what you want or need with a recommendation to fit your budget. We follow the market daily to keep you informed of availability. We do all the work for you except make the final decision. This may include supervision of any pre-purchase inspections or refurbishment required on your aircraft.

Acquisition Fee Structure

  • 2.5% of aircraft final sales price
  • $3,000 minimum/$30,000 Maximum
  • $300 per day plus expenses (Initial Aircraft Survey and/or Pre-Purchase Inspection Supervision)

Our Acquisition Services will add little expense to your bottom line and could easily end up costing you nothing.

No other fees accepted. You receive the advantage of our ability to buy at prices usually available only to the dealers resale group. Any and all discounts will be passed on to you!

Our goal at WCA, LLC is to perform a function that will save you money and accomplish your goals in a professional manner.